Author Topic: My work with Substance Designer and Substance Painter.  (Read 62046 times)

Hi guys!

I updated the gallery of my site with some IRay goodness.

Procedural Design gallery.

Im in the process of preparing the substances from my blog for substance share. More info soon.

It's almost like you're creating your own version of B2M!

I mean... those results are spectacular. Can't wait to see precisely what this "refine" node is doing!

Hey Conrad!

Ive submitted it 9 days ago, should be there any day now i think :).

I suppose the substance share team needs a short break after the flood of competition entries haha.

Here I replaced the grunge node with a "make it tile" node and one of my old reference photos I made, and added base colour and roughness outputs. Promising so far :)

With some better input photographs, this could be a super-easy way to make very detailed materials, very fast.

how do you do this

Yah it looks amazing! Pleas tell us your secrets?


Hey guys!

Ok, here goes:

I imported an image, and used a make it tile node. After that I placed my refine noise node (that will appear on substance share any day now, its been in review for nearly 2 weeks). I used the output of that as a heightmap, and as input for the normal node.

For the roughness i used a levels node with the greyscale output from the make it tile node.

Super simple stuff, just to showcase how the refine node works with most noises, and even images, to make sweet heightmaps etc.

Really great node Kay! Thanks for the run down as well. Gonna check it out in some detail later today and post up some results. The speed and quality of height map achieved is pretty sensational!

Working as texture artist for X-Shift Online! :)

I dont have in-engine shots yet, but ill update shortly :).

Hi guys!

I've been quiet for a while, but I have been busy.

Nowadays I'm thrilled to be a texture artist for Pillar4 Interactive, who are making X-Shift.

Here are some renders of what I'm doing there:

These are just a few of the many many many materials that'll be in the game, that I can show so far.
More coming soon! :D

Käy... !?
Can you just stop to post awesome things for 5 minutes please ?  ;D ;)
Both ar outsanding, so reallistics ! love theim !
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Job : CG Supervisor/generalist as freelancer.

Thanks Janine-Smith! :D

Thats awesome to hear, especially from someone as talented as you :).

I might be able to share some more renders soon :).

Cool thing is, in Unity the materials look nearly identical to how they look in SD. Thats a massive timesaver.

What's a photo of a metal roof doing there?  ;)


Very nice textures - really nice attention to details :) Congrats :)
My favorite is the corrugated plate with bolts. Stunning :)

Thanks guys!

I love making these as well, and figuring out what details to put in, without bloating the graph.


Working on a rotten wood floor material for Substance Share.

Crosspost from here.

Crosspost from here.

Some progress: