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Thanks! :D

For those trying to download the substances from my blog,

(Blog found here: )

I upgraded my dropbox, so downloads are available again. I was hosting the files from my dropbox, but generated excessive traffic according to them. (Pretty cool that that many people download the substances, but now there wont be interrupted downloads any more).

Thanks for the support, and let me know if the downloads still fail.

Best regards,
Käy Vriend.

Last share for the day, WIP screens of an upcoming blogpost using an imported RGB mask to make a sci-fi material.

Rotten, moldy wooden boards WIP. Left to do is addiing rusty nails and balancing the wear and tear.

Here is another free substance. A sci-fi material. Enjoy!

Almost done with this one, only the knots need some tinkering:

Wow Käy, these have amazing depth detail.  Your Substances have a ton of realism.  Nice work.

A couple of extreme close ups, and a wide view. Calling it done :).

Thanks Artzfx!

Its a nice breather from making sci-fi materials (I was working on plastics and metals for a few months, these materials are a side-project for the same dev.)

There is a bit of a learning curve for each material, but once i have the masks and noises in place, its brute-forcing it till it looks good. For something like the wood around 3 hours (from scratch), but the mileage is crazy. You can crank out near-infinite amounts of variations :D.

Now the screws are at the end of the boards. Knots are improved as well, but not sure if that's easy to see on the screenshot.

Hey Kay, these boards look fantastic! 

Some constructive feedback might be that the screws would likely not be protruding from the boards like that normally.  I could see it if they were old nails and they had worked loose over time, but screws tend to be countersunk deeper into boards and not work loose quite as easily. I would expect them to either be indented or invisible due to built up dirt and grime in the indents they have created. A bit like the other indents in the boards you seem to have created.

Its still about 10 - 13.5 times better than anything I can do though. :)

Thanks Damocles!

You are right. I guess I went for what i liked, instead of what looks real. Fortunately its easy to add a slider for screw depth. This way the end user choose how the screws look. I already added a slider that lets you choose between screws and nails. The deeper they are, the more likely they are covered because of the AO feeding into the mask generators.

Thanks for the suggestions! That helps a lot.


Here is a (somewhat extreme) example:

(I need to balance the dirt a bit so that it doesnt go black when the screws/nails are recessed).

I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I got it to work. Bent screws! Now onto cleaning the graph, and then onto the next project :).

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Another free substance. This time an alien looking material based on a reaction diffusion pattern.


Get the files here.