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Can you guys perhaps elaborate a bit if needed here?:

Hey Käy,

The wood substance looks the same as the one red2blue posted, on my machine.

Best regards

Thanks Fabian for testing this. So I am not mad :).

@Käy, thanks for your help to clarify this. Hope this is not too much trouble.

@Käy, thanks for your help to clarify this. Hope this is not too much trouble.

No problem, its just that when I share something so others can use it, i want them to be able to haha.

Here is another freebie, this time a free granite material. Enjoy!

Hi guys,

This time only a screenshot since i cant share the source files.

I tried to make the blood sit in lower areas of the height map, to make it look a bit more real. The edges of the puddles have dried and coagulated a bit, so they are darker and more rough.

Small improvements.

Hi thanks for sharing all the packs so far, maybe for the blood you could show the graph if you can't share the pack. I'm just starting out and seeing how things are put together is a real help

Thanks again

Hi James, I might at some point, not sure if i can yet. (Since that shows how to get these exact results).

Ive received alot of feedback on the blood, so i now have a better idea of how and where the splatter should be. Now it kind of oozes up from beneath the surface, which does seem strange, but might be good for silent hill like stuff. Ill make some better masks to make it a bit more believable.


Wallpaper WIP:

Here is a variation:

Latest (final) screenshot for the ceiling.



You're a machine Käy.  Looking good mate.

Thanks! Yeah my core task lately has been cranking out materials for mat packs, before that it was production. (UVing and texturing models, and putting them in-engine etc). Both are a lot of fun, but doing this much work with SD means im getting better at it faster too. Happy times!

Working on a dungeon wall, the rock shapes need some improvement, but im getting there: