Author Topic: How to evaluate the Demo!!!???  (Read 1191 times)

i installed the demo (Mac)… and need a valid licence key. the openend window says "you can find this in my account on the allegorithmic website"

but… there is NOTHING! ?

how it works…?

thank you!
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Quote:"i installed the demo (Mac)… and need a valid licence kay".

Sorry, perhaps one of the allegorithmic guys can help out. (Couldnt resist. My name is Käy :P ).

I'm also having this problem.  I cannot get the evaluation to work!

I want to evaluate it for our pipeline to see if we should buy it.


There is indeed a bug with some Macs for the trial. We will release a version with a fix tomorrow or monday.

For your information, Mac OS X sometimes returns a null value for some pieces of Hardware we are checking in order to create the license file, hence the problem...

If you don't wait for the fix, please use the trial license I am enclosing here, which will work up to Marche 12th. You can install it on as many computers as you want as long as they are not on the same subnetwork.

Head of Product Management

thank you!