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Imo Substance designer  while being "must have" soft in modern art pipeline  is monstrously inconvenient  in evry its small bit  from an artist point of view and require a lot of redundant clicks and manual tool recreating.

1. Inconvenient to work with a pen/stylus.  No view scaling with stylus.    Look in Fusion for comparison     

2. HLS is inconvenient as hell . Too sensitive.  Look for color correction tools in Fusion. Photoshop etc with gazillion small conveniences.  Plus all those gamma/exposure channel mixers etc. All done in a few clicks while in SD you have to build  your own graph. 

3. Curve node editor is pain to use too.   Nodes are hard to select and tweak.  There are so many vector image editor where it's simple and intuitive.

4. to clone certain Sampler or tile random nodes, all except one single parameter  you have to expose gazillion things and then manage all that mess.  That awkwardly working flood fill would be redundant if we could just clone part of network as it's possible in Blackmagic Fusion for example.

5. 2d transform is super touchy  and with all those safe transform I still can't do a simplest thing possible in every image editor on the market . I mean to set a center of transforms and scale around it .    in SD it's tremendous pain in the a.. if you need to scale something around certain detail.
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+1 on all of this.

Should we start texturing in Fusion? I was thinking about adding /s but this might actually be an interesting concept.

I do use Fusion as a depth aware composer to compose hi res photogrammetry  pieces.     Doing so in SD is a non stop pain.  Any bitmap bigger than 4096 and  SD crawling like a snail . Loading them forever.  A few of them and it dies.   

Still Blackmagic Fusion definitely haven't been done  with a texture art in mind .  Even  while saving textures it adds annoying frame numbers  to the end of a file name and there is no true real time shader preview. 

But I love how its node network works and looks .  It's usually  just a few nodes or node groups  while in SD I have an indecipherable  Gordian knot  already by the same stage.    Every node in Fusion is like Swiss knife with a lot of blending options embedded  and contrary  to SD they don't put them into absolutely similarly looking neverending scroll I have to roll down and try to  re-collect where is that damn thing I used last time.

Every feature of SD cries out loudly : I am done with a programmer approach in mind.  The whole workflow is non stop commenting , writing a text.   Without texts it's impossible to work really.   

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