Author Topic: visibile if functionality in SP?  (Read 2308 times)

It would be great to have the visible if functionality transfer from Substance designer to substance painter. Currently you have to see all the options in SP , even if they aren't exposed via "visible if" in SD. Any plans for this?

Plans, yes. ETA, not sure yet :)

For what is worth, in my opinion this functionality would be very useful when setting tools for large teams. Together with sorting options in drop down menus would allow us to provide really useful tools for our texture artists.
I hope you guys can fix these two soon!

+1, Visible If is one of the best features of SD. 

Also, It would be useful to collapse "Groups" of user inputs.
Currently, when I export a graph from Designer to Painter, all my groups/tabs are expanded, and I have to first collapse them all before understanding what's happening there :)

Bump :)