Author Topic: adding "normal" layer in painter doesn't work as expected  (Read 1663 times)

When adding a “normal” layer to a painter project the painted normal from a tool doesn’t seem to respect the normal layers blending modes. Also it never completely overrides the underlying normal map, leaving a blended result in all cases. Is there a way around this or is this a bug? Also I have noticed that the alpha channel in the normal slot of the substance tool is not respected, are there plans to make the alpha work for this slot as well?


I believe there is different workflow for normal map painting.
Create a fill layer with normal map instead of applying normal map in Additional map and then normal layer would work how expected

Thanks for the response. Yes your method does work , however you loose the ability to have the height map properly effect the normal (the underlying normal will always show through when using tools with height only), you also lose the auto fill function on substance effects applied to the layer.

I guess I would like to see the normal channel blended only with the normal map applied at the beginning of the project. If I'm going to use SP I need this functionality, particularly when using baked normals as a base.

As info, the alpha channel now works if you change the channel type to sRGB.

Thanks again for the help hopefully one of the dev's can chime in on this subject.