Author Topic: Replace Curvature map input fot Substance FXs with Normal map  (Read 1725 times)

I think we can admit that usually our model by default have normal map and almost every Substance FX require Curvature map, which generated from normal map.
However, I have to open my SD to generate curvature and then import into SP additional map, which a little bit infuriating, because I don't plan to use SD for particular model and I have to create default project, generate maps from normal maps and then delete useless project in SD.
I don't think this is the optimal way. Why SP just can't generate all this maps from normal?

SP will soon have integrated bakers.

Wow, this is beautiful, thanks for reply!

that's sounds good :) @Jeremie
I hope also that it has additional shader soon.

I hope that bakers has the same options as designer.