Author Topic: Install SBT v2 with Maya 2014?  (Read 4855 times)

Hey, I've followed the instructions in the User Guide for SBT for Maya v2, but I don't have the Substance shelf or menu. When Maya starts, I see "Substances.mll" in the Output window, and the plugin manager says Substances are installed and loaded, but I still have no way to actually access them. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

Edit: For clarification, I'm running Maya 2014.
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Hi, there are no Bonus Tools for Maya 2014 yet. The bonus tool for 2013 may not work as expected with 2014. We will keep you updated when a new version is available.

Only the "Help" menu does not work on Maya 2014 (unless you have a compiled version of PyQt for Maya 2014). All other scripts are working fine.
I am still working on an update version for 2014+, there is a bit of work though as I need to switch every module to PySide. I cannot give any ETA for this, sorry.
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