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Here's hopefully a question with a quick answer.  I also asked on Polycount, so I'll crosspost any answer I get to the other thread as well.

After doing a bunch of projects, if I search for a phrase like "normal" or "height" (for example, searching for the normal-to-heightmap filter), I'll see all the normal or height maps I've baked in past packages/projects showing up in the results, even if they're not the currently active package or project. This obviously makes it increasingly more difficult to find the filter I'm searching for.

I'm baking to a location completely outside of the default Substance Designer material/project folders, so the results appear to be due to the link inside the sbs files (which ARE in the Substance Designer material/project folders).

For example: file:///C:/Users/<username>/Documents/SubstanceDesigner/<projectname>.sbs/Resources/brick_facade_normal/brick_facade_normal.tga shows up in results, even though that tga is actually in a completely different folder structure and only linked to the project.

There a way to exclude all of that from filter searches?

Hi EArkham, I answer here too:

When you search at "root" level of the library, you'll get all compatible results.
To only display results in "Filters", you'll need to select the group first.

In the case you have all your materials at the root level of your custom folder, you can uncheck the "Recursive" option in the "Paths added" list of your Project preferences. This way, the subfolders will not be displayed.

If you don't need the bitmaps of your material folder, you can use the library filter, and specify to only display "Graph" (instead of all). This way, you'll only get your Substances.
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Hi there, I would like to join the discussion, as I think EArkham has a point here.

It would be great to have the chance to filter the Global Search too... or at least having an option to show graphs only in the global search.
Where I work we already have a custom made library of graphs with linked pictures, and the more our library grows, the more is difficult to make a search in it.

Please consider adding this feature request :)
Thank you!

P.S. Here the link to uservoice if you want to upvote this feature :D
Filter Library Search to show only graphs as result.

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