Author Topic: Substance Designer practice [UPDATE 27/01/2015]  (Read 2681 times)

Hi guys! This is my first topic. So glad to see your positive comments  :)

Everything customizable and fully seamless (damage effect,ao,normals and etc.)

NEW! PBR ready! New damage effect! [27.01.2015]

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Thats a neat looking material, it reminds me of Doom 3 somehow.

Thanks! I'm newbie. Just few days with designer.  ;D

Really like the rich colours on your first image bakirli.  If I had one crit, your Normal intensity looks twice as strong as it needs to be. 

First of all thanks for the comment! :)

First image was created in Photoshop. And i appiled sharpen post effect for crisp image. ;)

Again thanks for the comment.

Sorry, I meant the first image of the cube.  Almost like Toffee Apple.