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I am pretty sure this is a feature wish, so I post this here.

My task:
I have to build many stone blocks that are continuously textured over the edges - and similar things.

Let's assume:
- I have 1 block (6 polys)
- 1 seamless tileable texture
- n% spacing between the UV islands, with no overlapping UVs

When I unwrap the cube in any UV-layout tool, I get all the 6 polys in the 0-1 space. But when I look at the 3d representation I see that the texture is obviously not continuous over the edges.
Thus, I need to manually paint/clone parts of the texture along all the UV-Seams to fix this. E.g. in Mari, BodyPaint, ...

Thus the following question:
Is there a tool anywhere that has something like a filter that edits the TEXTURE ITSELF along a band of pixels (e.g. x pixels wide or n/2% UV spacing), around all UV-Seams and automatically clones/merges the according pixels into that band, so that the stone block has a 'guaranteed' texture continuity as a result?
I assume blending the pixels in a realistic manner (keyword 'texture synthesis', similar to the blending in bitmap2material) is tricky, but just using a simple gradient to blend would be already useful in most cases.

I assume nobody ever tackled this, but this may have a huge impact. Maybe the allegorithmic devs can develop a specific node for this? It would make so many lifes easier......

Any input welcome..

Matthias Buehler
Head of 3D Technology, Garsdale Design Ltd.

Stay tuned  ;)

the 3d gods DO exist !


how will this be announced, I don't want to miss this since I'm just on a trial version for now.. ?

New features are listed in the release notes :
Usually we also make videos for each release showcasing the major features.

There's no ETA I can give for that particular feature though, nor detail that I can share. I can just confirm that we're working on something like that.