Author Topic: SAT with .spsm, .sppr  (Read 1648 times)

Hey! I am working with the Texture Mat demo and am curious about being able to use .spsm and .sppr files the same way .sbs files are being used. Can anyone help lead me in the right direction?

Currently, SAT doesn't support spsm file, sppr does but I am not sure to understand what you want to achieve with .sppr. Can you elaborate more on the workflow you want to do?

Thanks for the reply! I want to write a script to use the smart materials from Substance Painter to create bulk texture sets for an object. Basically just like the Texture Mat demo but with .spsm or .sppr materials. So I can take an object and a variety of smart materials and run a script to generate a texture set with each smart material applied to the object. Is this possible?

sorry I got confused with the .sbsprs files from Substance Designer.
So no sorry it's not yet possible to do a such process with SAT.