Author Topic: substance source hung up or taking way to long to download  (Read 7430 times)

it took over 20 minutes to download an sbsar today. I have 326mb download speed so its not a problem on my end normally I can click through my monthly allotment and it downloads 30 files in a few minutes. What's up? Source is also not labeling I own after it  gets downloaded.
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Some of our latest materials, especially the latest ground ones, are high quality scan-based materials and therefore are very heavy. This could be the explanation! As most of the other sbsar in the library are procedural and are several hundred times lighter.

Can you please give me an example of a material you downloaded which is not labeled as licensed?
We changed the way it is written so it is a bit more discreet now (grey check icon).

We now have a new forum and are retiring this one, in the future please use this new one to let us know about the issues you encounter:
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