Author Topic: Black Box over cursor in Substance Painter over Remote Desktop  (Read 1812 times)

Hey folks, I've been working remotely and just jumped onto a new project requiring use of Substance Painter. It seems as if my home pc's cursor becomes a solid black box when hovering over the 3d/2d viewports over Google remote desktop (cannot use VPN because file sizes are too large for timeline requirements with file transfers). The menus do not display the box, and just shows my normal cursor. I took a screenshot and it proves that its my home PC's cursor that's the problem because the cursor circle shows up in the screenshot of the remote desktop. I would post a picture but it contains company content that is under an NDA. Any ideas what might be a fix for this? I've been through all my cursor settings and cannot find anything that might fix it.

I also should specify that it only does the black box when I have a paint tool active that uses a stencil or brushes