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So I figured I'd use this thread to showcase any materials that I make in Substance Designer that aren't for any specific models. Most of these will probably be tiling textures. I'm currently working on a city street vignette, so most of the textures that I'll be posting will be related to that.

First up is a street brick texture. These will be in a section of sidewalk with a tree growing through the center. I wanted the bricks to appear older, worn, and grungy from being walked on. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! No maps were imported. All made with Substance Designer!

Congrats! That looks very nice. I like the chips on the stones, can you perhaps hint at how you did that?

This material would go well for walls as well. Here in the Netherlands almost all houses are made from red bricks.

The ony useful feedbackl i can think of is that perhaps the grout in between the rocks is a bit too uniform, almost clay like. I think in reality there is sometimes a pebble stuck there, some sand, and even moss. It kind of depends on what direction you go with it, this already looks very good, and kind of reminds me of the style they had in Toy story.

Hey Kay! I was asked this same question already, so I have created a handy blog post explaining how I got that effect. Feel free to give it a look!

Thanks for sharing :).

Hi Mospheric,

The technique works like a charm, I tried it on a earlier substance I made, and it made it look a lot more convincing:

(Thanks again for sharing that trick :) ).

Worked on another texture for my scene. Wanted to create a plaster that was scraped over bricks and painted over several times. I'm not entirely happy with it, but for only a couple hours of work, it works for my scene :) I love how quickly textures can come together once you begin to get familiar with the software.

You two both have really interesting blogs. Bookmarked.
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Thanks! I havent put anything on there in a while (due to work). But i have some substances i will share on there. Just need to polish them a little bit.