Author Topic: June 26 2021 Adobe Update Problems.  (Read 1691 times)

The update that Adobe rolled out for Substance Painter after its acquisition is, if one was to word it nicely - hugely disappointing.

Personally, I'm not opposed to change, but any new implementation or change to an existing feature should at the very least go through a basic sanity check. Because the after the update some of the core features have become ridiculously annoying to use.

For example: working with masks.
Prior to the update, when you were working with masks and wanted to do something by hand with a brush - you had a good visualization of what the brush is actually going to do. It showed the Flow level of the brush, how soft or hard it would be, what direction it would face and, most importantly, where it was in the greyscale range.

After the update, you're left with a difficult to see outline of the brush, direction and hardness.
Because knowing whether you're going to add to a mask or subtract from it is, apparently, entirely non-important.

Another example would be "normal stamps". Where when you drag a normal texture onto the brush, just like you used to do previously, you're left with a vague outline of the brush.... just the brush (which is likely going to be a simple round one). So now, a major professional tool for artists is based heavily on guesswork.

There is absolutely NO reason for these changes whatsoever.

Some of the other ridiculous update "features" include the representation of the channels on a layer. There used to be an easily noticeable color outline on the channels that you have enabled. Now - it's just a minute difference in greyscale.

And let's not forget about the new asset shelf. Which combines all of your Normal Stamps (previously called Hard-Surfaces), grunge maps, procedurals and textures into a single "convenient package" for you to sift through.
(Yes, you can filter by file path and if your Normal Stamps are in the same Hard-Surface folder as the default ones you can find them that way, But it's still a pain in the neck to go through each time you have to change a brush)

Hopefully others will see my point and Adobe can remedy these, almost critical, issues.

On the upside, the new search function of the asset shelf is a little bit handier than it used to be. It would be nicer if I didn't have to rely on remembering exactly what my normal stamps are specifically called to find them...

A solution to the asset shelf can be quite simple - allow the users to add their own folder structures inside it. Everyone uses SP in their own unique way. Some people may use existing textures a lot more than alphas. Others might do the opposite. It makes sense to be able to customize the layout of the primary asset location to streamline your workflow.
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Hi, when it comes to the brush visualization, I don't believe we changed anything but you may have switched it inadvertently.
You can switch between the outline or the color preview at any time using the first icon at the top left of the viewport.

For the new Asset panel, the idea is that you can now customize it the way you want rather than us forcing hardcoded categories on users.

  • Filter your assets the way you want (for example by combining the Texture filter with a search for "normal")
  • Open the Saved search panel (button at the bottom left of the Asset panel)
  • Click the Save icon at the top to save a new category that you can name as you wish.