Author Topic: Groups in FBX with transformed pivots are not correctly imported in Painter  (Read 1898 times)

Hi everybody,

I'm a lead artist at an indie game studio, and we are trying Painter for our next project. Unfortunately I stumbled across an issue. Here's our pipeline:

- Exporting an FBX (for example a chest) from 3ds max which contains groups that have transformed pivots (for example a door's pivot has been moved to be located at the hinges)
- Imported into Unity everything looks ok and I can rotate the door around the hinge
- Imported into Painter the whole door group location and rotation is messed up, relative to the rest of the FBX.

I think it's a bug on Painter's side - it calculates the group's pivot only as if it was centered and unrotated.

Anybody had this issue or ideas for a workaround?

I tested with 3Ds Max 2022 and Painter 7.2.0. I didn't encounter your issue. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Would you be able to share a test mesh (.fbx), a corresponding painter file containing your issue as well as a log? It would allow me to investigate the matter.
Thank you for helping us improve our software.
Kind regards,
Geoffroy SC

Thanks for the quick answer!

Did you try to alter the group's pivot? Select the group > Hierarchy Tab > Affect Pivot Only > Then move/rotate

Sorry for the delayed answer.
I was looking into the issue. I tried to see if other software had that behaviour but without any luck. 
Your problem is indeed a bug! I have written a ticket for the devs. Unfortunately, I can't give any ETA on when there will be a fix. However, we are looking into it.
Thank you for helping us improve our software.
Kind Regards,
Geoffroy SC