Author Topic: adobe substance painter?  (Read 2009 times)

how the heck do I access my 314 credits to download substance given I have upgraded to the latest 7.2.0 of substance painter? I need substance source, however it says substance launcher is no longer compatible. and it tells me via to subscribe, despite already being subscribed to painter. what did you guys do?! seriously. can I please get this corrected so I can access my substance source materials/textures. I guess for now I will just go back to 7.1.1 for now until someone at adobe unfouls up the fiasco I am going through right now to utilize my subscription fully. thanks. I am not particularly happy about stumbling onto this obsctacle to access my source credits.

Source has been moved to the Substance 3D Assets website. You can still access all your points and downloads on this new platform, no matter which version of Painter you have. Simply make sure you log in using your Substance login info and not the Adobe one.