Author Topic: I have 3 subscriptions I have to pay for now, and need help on combining them.  (Read 1921 times)

I had Substance Painter/Designer 2020 on steam, and purchased 2021 for both also because I love the programs. To use 2021 you had to make a subscription, so I did. Then Alchemist came out, and to use it - I had to pay for a 2nd subscription to access it. I have a lot of assets and points from these 2 Substance subscriptions.

I also have a seperate Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Now that Adobe is migrating Substance suite to Creative Cloud, I was sent an email to redeem the suite on Creative Cloud. Which automatically enrolled me in a 3rd subscription for Substance.

The only information available says to cancel my 2 Substance Subscriptions, and only use the Creative Cloud version...However this will destroy all the points and assets I have accumulated.

Its a bit excessive to have to pay for 3 subscriptions.

I need help on what to do?

Hi, I'm not sure why you had to get 2 separate subscriptions for Alchemist?
But rest assured that your Source points and downloads are not lost when you switch to the Adobe plan.
You will still be able to access them on the new Substance 3D Asset website using your original Substance3D login info.
We will also provide a way to transfer them onto your Adobe account at a later date.

Thank you. So, if I cancel the substance subscriptions, the points will remain and I will still also have access to the account and points and they will be transferable at some point? Or do I need to keep all 3 subs active until the transfer is complete?

I had to get a Substance sub to use my steam 2021 versions of Painter and Designer, but it did not include Alchemist. To access Alchemist it required a second subscription.

You will keep access to your points and downloads even after you cancel. Just make sure you login on the Assets website with your Substance login and not your Adobe login.

Thank you for the support