Author Topic: Lost all my Substance Source Credits  (Read 2048 times)


I 2019 before Adobe era, I have purchased an Substance - Indie License and I got access to Substance Source with bunch of credits. Unfortunately now those credits doesn't exist with my new Adobe account. Thanks for any help

Your credits are still here but you need to login with your Substance account and not your Adobe account. We will setup a way to transition the points and downloads to your Adobe account in the coming months.

@Jeremie Noguer
Can this transition of points be treated urgently. I have a monthly Indie subscription and would like to transition to the Adobe 3D package and take advantage of the "limited time" offer to do so. However, my understanding is that migrating would mean losing access, for an indefinite period, to the several hundred credits I have built up, unless I keep my old Indie subscription running in parallel i.e pay twice.
Also does my monthly Indie subscription stop at the end of the current month or will it be renewed for the next monthly period, and future months, until I can migrate with points transferred?


You will not lose access. Even if you transition your license now, you will still be able to access your points and downloads as long as you use your old Substance login to connect to the Asset platform.
If you don't transition right away, your Substance sub will auto renew as usual.

@Jeremie Noguer
Thank you for your quick response and for that clarification. I had, wrongly, assumed that I would not be able to access using my old log in once I had transitioned and stopped my old Indie subscription. It is great to hear that I was wrong in that.