Author Topic: Substance Database / Source / Monthly Drops / Freebies  (Read 3888 times)


Today i explored a bit Substance Source. Thanks for 180 free downloads btw <3

And i found out that some assets are repeatable, many of them are inside Database, other in Monthly drops, i also found few from Substance Store Moodpacks. Other was given too us with Substance Designer 4 if good remember (GameTextures) Few of them are also BUILD inside Painter / Designer itself like American Cherry wood.

Is there any difference with them? Like quality? Right now i have few duplicates in my shelf's that i need to clean up, i dont wanna end up with even more when i start downloading goodies from Source :D

There are indeed some duplicates, we went through an extensive QA pass on those so it's likely that the Source versions are safer to use and looks slightly better for some, but I would spend the 180 downloads on new materials :)

That's all i wanted to know. Thanks for info :)