Author Topic: What happened with custom shortcuts and assets in the new 7.2.0 build?  (Read 567 times)

I just upgraded to the new Painter 7.2.0 and suddenly none of my customized keyboard shortcuts work anymore.

Nor do I see all the assets that I had put inside the "shelf" folder (iMac/Users/ME/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf)

Is there some way to automatically recover all this?

Or maybe I need to re-create from scratch all my shortcuts and, maybe, relocate all those assets on a different directory?

Cristobal Vila -

I reply myself. The ASSETS now live in a different directory:

And for what I read at the end of that info (We recommend to manually re-adjust the application settings from the interface. This is it the safest way to migrate information without introducing compatibility issues), I'm afraid I will need to manually re-define all my custom shortcuts… :-(

It would be really great to have a method to “import” all the custom shortcuts from previous version…
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Cristobal Vila -