Author Topic: Substance Painter 2021 broken after update  (Read 1584 times)

After the UI update, which no one asked for my substance painter 2021 is now broken and crashes whenever i try to use the brush.

How about you guys stop giving us updates that add 0 value to the software?

updated AMD drivers, reinstalled SP2021, removed Shelf location, tried working in new projects... nothing helped.

This is a known bug from before that came back. If you are an AMD user (like me) you are screwed.
Only way to fix this is to revert back to the previous version.
If you have the Steam version, you are royally screwed as there is no way to revert to a working and stable version.

We are looking into this issue and working on a fix asap!

please revert the update on steam... unable to get work done because the software is constantly crashing.

great all my existing custom made is gone after updated to adobe without my acknowledge. how am i suppose to get my old custom back even my export is no longer in adobe substance painter! bring the old UI and painter 2021 back, not adobe !

yeah cant do anything with my steam version right now

the developers have rolled out a fix if you are on steam:

We are looking into this issue and working on a fix asap!

god damn it adobe developer! revert back to 2021 ! u lost all my custom material !

All your materials are still there, please check the documentation for this new release to learn hot to migrate your assets: