Author Topic: Substance 3D Collection: Lighting, Models, Pricing  (Read 1274 times)

The value proposition for including Lighting and Models in a separate price tier but (still) purchasable on the basis of the SAME credit system used for downloading materials is fundamentally anti-consumer.

Adobe is literally pay-gating access to other 3d assets to increase buy-in for the more expensive plan, i.e. "If you have Substance credits and you want to download Lighting or Models with those credits, then you must also pay (at least) an additional US$20.00/mo to ACCESS those assets".

Adobe, this is inappropriate. There is no reason to NOT associate a price for new asset types via the Substance credit system (e.g. Lighting and Models), but it is NOT appropriate to pay-gate those assets on top of that price - this is basically a surcharge on top of the price for those assets.

I would invite the Substance / Adobe product team to reevaluate the pricing of these assets and develop a pricing model that is more consumer friendly and accessible to the loyal patrons of the Substance community.
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