Author Topic: the bug with multiple height stacks 2021 adobe update  (Read 696 times)

I don`t really know if its a right place to report the bug of the new version of SP (substance 3D painter steam edition).
So basically when i try to scale down the underlying material (the fabric in this case) the height of the above layer goes wild. Here`s some screenshots. I`m very sad that my workflow is damaged, and i`m wondering if i could go back to previous version somehow until everything`s fixed.

It seems you have forgotten to share your screenshots. Maybe you didn't tick the box Join a file: above the Choose File box.
In any case, you could try to check your displacement scale. Try with small increments (0.1).
I hope this helps.
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Geoffroy SC

Yeah true. My displacement was 0. It could be cause of the geometry masks. I dont really know what causes the layers to act like these there also could be multiple actions that led to this.

and it has nothing to do with displacement

I fix it by reloading the file. But it happens randomly