Author Topic: Is Substance Source not working with UE4 anymore?  (Read 7195 times)


I was trying to use the UE4 plugin and it doesn't seem to show any materials.....just keeps trying to login I think.

Any idea what's going on?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @gman360
Latest version of plugin is and it is available in Marketplace and it works with UE4 4.26.2.
Do you have trouble login into Substance Source via Substance Launcher?

I think it may have been a glitch. I am able to download to U4 4.26.2 but for some reason, the new assets' previews are broken. They don't load like the others to see what there is.

Any idea why?

Thanks for replying back.

UE4's marketplace displays a blank (black) screen or sometimes displays 404 error from time to time. I have not seen this problem with UE4 lately. It has nothing to do with our plugin. You probably need to be patient with it.