Author Topic: New update just keeps reinstalling and won't open.  (Read 808 times)

Headed into Substance Painter this morning to work on my project, and here's the new update. Installed it, and then opened it. It said "running" for a brief second, then right back to "update". Updated again (in case I did something wrong) and the same thing happened. Same for Alchemist and Designer. Really need to get back to work on this project, so if someone could help me figure out what's happening that would be great.

ETA: Ok, so it turns out that you can't launch Substance Painter from the Substance Launcher anymore. Great. Got it to launch from my Adobe options in my startup menu. Also couldn't update it, as normal. Had to fully install the current version first (which wouldn't open at all), and then select the new version. Of course, wouldn't you know it, my project is no longer right there, and I've got to go and find it. Along with all the custom materials I created.

Same thing for me, annoying but must be necessary. At least the new version looks nice once it's all installed.

And today, after I already installed the new versions, Substance Launcher has an update. I update, and it says that I need to install the new versions. Those are, of course, already installed on my PC since yesterday. Sigh.