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there is something that is bugging me a little bit. Previously, when I spent one of the points, the label "owned" appeared on the substance I acquired... now the label "licensed" appears. you will take me for a very cautious person, but coming from a company like adobe, you have to be very careful with this kind of changes. Legally, what can this change mean? Because owning something is not the same as having it licensed.

on the other hand, i have right now more than 700 unspent points, I'm not a person who downloads everything i see, but i use points as i need them for one thing or another... the thing is that until now I've been very happy with my allegorithmic account without having a specific adobe account. It seems that right now they give us one year (ONE YEAR!!!!) of access to those points. And that some eligible people, will be notified when they can transfer those points to their adobe account.

The thing is, from what I understand, you give me a year to spend something I paid for, or else... I'm out of it. And that if "I am eligible" you very kindly give me the option of having to create an adobe account so I can continue to have access to it. Is this correct?

Hi Tensitz,

Regarding "Owned" vs "Licensed": there were no changes in the EULA, but the term "licensed" is more clear to explain what actually happens.
When you download an asset from the platform you have a personal license to use it: you can use it on projects (commercial or not), use it as is or as a base to create your own asset etc. You do not own it, as Substance still has the ownership of the IP.
This is why the EULA says that you don't have the right to resell it as is or to send it to someone else who does not have the license for example.

For the points and list of licensed assets, we are currently working on a solution to allow users to transfer to their Adobe account, but as the accounts are separate and that they do not follow the same laws (French for Substance accounts and US for Adobe accounts) it is not as easy as it seems! We will let you know as soon as the feature is up and running.
PO @ Allegorithmic

thanks for the clarification, it makes a lot of sense. It just caught my attention and I was afraid that something in the EULA changed.

As for the account and points... what I don't understand is the need to change everything to an adobe account? I'm not really excited about the idea of having an adobe account... let us know how it fits in. I just hope I don't lose all those points....

I do have an Adobe account and what I hate is that Adobe always offers me a Free Trial and suggests I subscribe! Is it really that hard for Adobe to understand that I do already subscribe when I'm logged in already?
Moreover, now all the assets that I previously had a licence for no long show up as being licenced for me? Is Adobe going to fix this. What if I need to download those assets again? Yes they show up in the launcher but why not on the website? According to your website I had NO assets until I redownloaded one to see what would happen, a free one by the way.

This is terrible customer service. Makes me feel like Adobe treats me like an ant to be stepped on without even noticing! Don't get me started on the lack of clarity with regard to knowing what on earth was going on yesterday. Why I had to panic about not remembering my password and not being able to find the links I needed to download the updates is beyond me. Why is basic ease of use so alien to Adobe?
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They show up in the launcher but why not on the website? According to your website I had NO assets until I redownloaded one to see what would happen, a free one by the way.

You probably were automatically logged in with your Adobe account!
The same assets appear as licensed on the website and in the launcher, please just make sure to log in with your Substance account to get access to them.

Please check this post if you want more details
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