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Now the grief: Shutting down of this forum is sad. The Adobe forum has terrible UX, and Discord is just too noisy to seek "community" solutions to user problems.

+1 to this regarding the terrible Adobe forum UX.

Also I just can't agree more to everything said in the post just above this one. I even got a little bit nostalgic while reading the last paragraph.. and sad too :/

@swekenchu You will be able to transfer your materials and credits yes, we're still setting all that up. In the meantime, you can still access them by logging in with your Substance account email.

@robert_clements Sorry about the mix-up with the Launcher. Unfortunately, we realized pretty (too) late that the new updates Were not going to work properly with the Launcher and had to push a last-minute fix to the Launcher to prevent borked installs, but that update took long enough that it wasn't available immediately when the new builds were released.

So it's likely the apps installed, but the install folder changed, from Allegorithmic to Adobe. That's why you may see 2 installs at the moment, your previous versions were not overwritten.

You should still be able to re-download previous builds in the "My Licenses" section of the website (top right corner on the homepage).

To see your credits on the new Adobe asset platform (Source), make sure you login with the email you used on It may have logged you with your Adobe account instead.

@Sagem Even though the forum is moving, the support team will stay the same and you'll see the same people answering questions and helping out there.

"Will I lose my Source licensed assets and remaining Source download points when I transition my account?"
"You will continue to have access to your points until June 2022. Eligible individuals will be notified when they will be able to transfer their licensed assets and unused download points to their Adobe account."
- Adobe FAQ

I currently have a perpetual Substance Designer/Painter - Indie License with maintenance (not through Steam) until Jan 2022. I don't plan on moving to Adobe, and will have to consider whether I keep a perpetual with Steam. I was told that the Source points don't expire, but that FAQ seems to imply they will.

My question is, will I lose my Source points? Should I be using them before June 2022?

Thank you, and congratulations on what is presumably a better way of doing business for you :).

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Hi, in your case yes, you would want to spend those points before June 2022, as the transition of points from a Substance account to an Adobe one will only be available for users with an active Adobe sub.

Wait, the points have an expiry date if we don't have a subscription?

I was planning on purchasing perpetual versions on Steam today because of the current sale. I was thinking of staying in the Substance ecosystem mainly because I have a lot of source points from the Substance Database days, but if the points will expire, I need to rethink my decision.

Why can't you just keep our points using our current Substance login?

If it's because you want to eventually deprecate the old Substance logins, then why can't we just transfer points to an Adobe account, even if we don't have a subscription?

Thanks for listening.

OK, so it looks like if you don't have a current subscription (which I don't) then accrued unspent points have to be used by June 2022 - so I have a year or so ?

What about Substance Player ? is this now defunct ? Can I still use it to open current and future .SBSAR's ?

Or are the 341 Substance Source points useless now as I have no way of opening them, let alone change parameters ?

This is quite worrying to me...

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Hello.First time writing and sad to know the forum is closing. anyway, if i dont move to adobe, and spent alll my points in substance source, will i still have access to substance source and my materials, now and in the future?
do i have to use adobe assets to access my materials now, or can i still use the substance launcher?

Secondly regarding the refund, if I transition to adobe substance, and just purchase a month of adobe sub, and then cancel it if i dont like it, do i still get to keep the remaining refunds amount (my substance indie subscription is until november 29 2021). Or am i forced to take the refunded money and subscribe to adobe for the remaining sub days?


Purchase an Adobe Substance 3D Collection or Texturing plan on
Download your invoice
Log into your Substance account and %u201CCancel subscription%u201D in the %u201CSubscription%u201D section.
Download your latest invoice on the %u201CBilling%u201D section of your Substance account
Send an email to with both your Adobe invoice and your Allegorithmic invoice attached.
The pro-rated amount of your annual subscription will be refunded to your original method of payment within 10 business days.

do i have to subscribe to the yearly or monthly of adobe 3d substance to get my refund? its not stated
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@korindian77 I believe this coincide with when the backend for the subscription on the Substance side will stop.
Perpetual licenses purchased under Substance will of course remain no matter what.

@onepixeldeep The Player is not defunct! You can download it here:

@Supasu You can still access your points and downloads through the new Substance 3D Assets portal, make sure you use your Substance login and not the Adobe one, until we have a solution to transfer the content from an account to the other.

For specific situations regarding the refund and transition, please contact support at directly, thanks!

@korindian77 I believe this coincide with when the backend for the subscription on the Substance side will stop.
Perpetual licenses purchased under Substance will of course remain no matter what.

Hi Jeremie,

Thanks for responding, but since you didn't answer the question of why we won't be able to transfer points to an Adobe account without a subscription, I'm assuming it's a business decision. That's fine, although I don't feel that Allegorithmic would have made such a decision before being under Adobe.

However, for my situation, two things remain unclear:

1. Will those who subscribe to the "Substance 3D Texturing" plan be able to transfer their existing Substance points to their Adobe accounts? Or is it limited to those who subscribe to the "Substance 3D Collection" plan?

2. Let's say I am able to transfer points to my Adobe account while subscribed to the "Substance 3D Texturing" plan. I subscribe for a few months, unsubscribe for a few months, and then re-subscribe. Will I lose any of those points? Do I need to maintain an active subscription at all times in order to keep points?

1. Yes

2. I believe as an Indie you won't need to maintain an active subscription

That being said, we will have some more official info being communicated this week about points dan downloads transition.

What will this mean if we still have Asset Points in the substance launcher? can we transfer them or are they no good anymore?

Currently we're on a yearly Pro license, but it doesn't seem to be possible to buy a yearly Pro license with our Adobe Team account - only the monthly option is available. I wrote with the Adobe support chat (who sent me to specialists apparently in India...) - and they told me that it's not possible for us to subscribe to the yearly option again - unless we cancel the whole current Adobe team account and to purchase [sic]  a new contract.

I'm not sure if they're serious - is it really possible that simple purchase of a yearly license is not possible? Can the "old" Ex-Allegorithmic support somehow help with this issue? For me this would mean that I'd need to cancel the account for the whole team (of non Substance users) or pay ca. 200.- more every year because monthly billing is more expensive.

I havent transitioned to adobe, and on indie sub till november 29. Last june 29th i am supposed to get another 30 points of substance, but at substance 3d assets it didnt add any points. and substance launcher no longer showing points. Help!

Yes sadly it is the 'Adobe way'
Buy, absorb, shaft.

The Substance we know and love is all but dead.

Great move Substance Team. Now all we get is one confusing fiasco of shutdowns and price upgrades, complete with apps we don't even need.

The only thing you can be certain of is "Oh, by the way the sub is dearer now, and you have no choice but to upgrade!"