Author Topic: Tiled pavement with different tones per tile  (Read 2109 times)

I want to create something like this.

I've created the concrete material and 3 differing tones, but I want to tile and randomise them. I'm new to this, and I can't find anything online that can guide me through such a process.

Anyone willing to help me out here?


1. You could use a tile generator to make the tile pattern.  Use the random options under color to get various shades of gray.
2.  blend pattern one and two, using a blend node.  Plug the tile pattern into the mask of the blend node.
3.  insert a node between the tile pattern and the mask to isolate part of the greyscale pattern.  I'd use a node like "historgram select".

4.  The main issue here is -> Patterns with gradients are problematic for generating a mask, so for the tile generator pick square instead of brick, then scale the pattern (under the size options) to create the grout area.
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Attached is the node I created for myself to make life easy.