Author Topic: Can't find transform matrix after exposing parameters  (Read 1516 times)

Hello, I am following the tutorial "GETTING STARTED WITH SUBSTANCE DESIGNER" and in "02-11 exposing parameters on the twig subgraph" I notice that after exposing transform matrix we can see the dot line frame (I highlight it in red) still exists  , so we can drag it to adjust the shape. However, when I try it by myself in v11.1.2 this dot line frame disappear and it is hard to adjust. I attach the screenshots of both the tutorial (it's in v2018.3.0) and my result. I also notice that a new bottom "Edit in 2D view" on the up right corner, but after I rightclick it nothing happened.

Make sure to also expose the offset parameter.
Both the matrix and offset are used by the 2d view widget