Author Topic: Custom Names for Custom Channels not saving in Template  (Read 476 times)

I'm trying to make a Template for my team.  I created some Custom Channels. By default they are named User0 and User1. I renamed those custom channels to Shadow and Spec.  These new names are not saving in the Template file

Here is what I have done:
1. Rename Custom Channel User0 to Shadow
2. Rename Custom Channel User1 to Spec
3. Save template file .... File > Save as Template ... 
4. Create a new project ... File > New
5. In the New Project dialog, change Template to the template file I just saved
6. Custom Channels are named User0 and User1 rather than Shadow and Spec

I just tried it again for the 6th time and it saved the custom channels into the template correctly.  Not sure why it wasn't working before.