Author Topic: Help with the embroidery Filter  (Read 6863 times)

I can't seem to find any good tutorials on this filter but the one I did find as well as the promo video from substance both have an edge and fill option when the filter is used. When I try to use this filter and add my image, it embroiders my image I added but makes the area around it black and covers up my base fabric material (even if I am using a transparent png file) and I am missing all those options in the basic parameters. What am I doing wrong?

OK, messing with it a little more, it is not actually black. The black part is transparent. so how to I get the underlying layers to show up in the 3D view?


Did you try to change the color mode to Custom color? It would alow you to choose to change background color, if it's still transparent try to put a material below your Embroidery filter.

hope it will help you.