Author Topic: Generating directional scratches out of position map  (Read 1775 times)

Hello mates,

I'm looking into generating damage scratches, out of an edge damage mask and a mesh baked position map (for direction information), both plugged into a slope blur. Problem is : the effect not only gives a direction to the blur but also a diffusion, which I get is the intended behavior. But for say scratches or water drops generation, it may not work if the gradient input is expanding, like in the example below.

So I am wondering if there's a way to get somehow more control over the slope blur node, so that each repeated shape could scale down for instance, or maybe using some kind of vector deformation instead (no success with that yet) ?

I'm also open to completely different process suggestions if you feel like so, thanks !
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I would suggest using the fx-map for this, as it can move shapes around without deforming them.

Existing warp nodes work on a per-pixel basis, which will always result in apparent stretching or pinching of the image, depending on the curvature of the warp map.