Author Topic: New user (eval using trial) and constant crashes... then solution  (Read 550 times)

Hi, installed substance painter and tried using. It was crashing ALL the time including locking up the entire PC.

Sometimes it was just on the 1st brush stroke or even picking a material.

W10 machine with 48GB RAM not much else running.

To cut a long story short had heaps of problems with various software inc 3DSMAX2022 and DOTA2 been totally unplayable as WILL crash every 10-30 minutes.

Had the latest drivers and nothing overclocked.

However... when trying to re-install drivers again (GF1050) I noticed 2 available. By default always got the "game ready" ones but decided the "more stable" studio ones would be worth a try.

Well... since installing the "studio drivers" 0 crashes from MAX, Substance Painter or DOTA 2.

Seen a lot of talk all over the place about this... IMO the game ready drivers are garbage and just there to fluff NVidia benchmarks with no regard to long term stability.

I'd been getting all sorts of weird crap which has suddenly all gone.  ;D

Quite impressed by substance painter now. Pushed the pain barrier and now able to import and export my textures and they look great in my game engine. It's quite full-on so is a bit daunting at first but a heap of good examples on youtube.