Author Topic: Painter locks up entire pc too often  (Read 561 times)

I know im on an older version:
Substance Painter, version 7.1.0
Build 804 - 82d8bfde9befcba05ae351f1a6172ded1eb9d2e6

This is strictly at the request of my client or I would be on the latest painter, my pc will randomly lock up entirely then I have to hard reboot.
Happens maybe 3-4x a day on every scene I open.
Please any help would be immensely appreciated.
gpu: radeon 6800 xt on latest driver
amd ryzen 7 3700x

anyone? my  crash log is attached pls

Could you describe what you are doing before the freezes?
Could you please, send us a bug report to get a callstack. From what I see, your log is not showing any error that could be the source of your issue.
By chance, could you check if you have administrator rights to write on the disk where you are storing your substance painter files?
Geoffroy SC