Author Topic: Please Help Updating Mesh..  (Read 864 times)

Hi. I've only used Substance painter for 2 days, so please bear with me. I need to update my mesh.
I only made one small correction to one small part of my model. I had to unwrap the UV's to one piece of the model, I made not other corrections. I exported it back out as an FBX, and used the the projection configuration feature in Substance to reimport the new FBX.

I watched a few tutorials and it seemed pretty cut and dry, but when I tried, it's not preserving the textures I've already applied in substance.. well, the textures are there, but I think maybe the UV's are all in the wrong place. I'm really not sure what I'm seeing. (the reason I am posting here).

I'm including a screenshot of before and after I re-imported the new mesh. The only thing I changed was that I unwrapped the UV's on the louvers on the 2 vents in the middle of the body. I didn't change anything else. I wasn't sure if I needed to re-bake the textures, so I tried it, but that didn't help matter.

I would really appreciate any help and suggestions. On the tutorials I watched, it didn't do anything like this. - Thank You.

ok.... So I've been trying to upload the images for about 45 minutes now, and it just keeps saying "uploading file". So I'm including a link to them in Google Drive. 🤦‍♀️ Forgive me. This isn't may day it would seem.

If you're going to ever re-import a mesh and want projection to work you need to avoid touching the 2D view. Paint strokes done in the 3D view are recorded, not the 2D view. Also if your bounding box changes it can throw off the projection. Place holders can be used to expand that bounding box if you think you might change it in future.
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