Author Topic: Displacement map/ Normal map Issues from Zbrush -> Substance -> Guerilla  (Read 397 times)

Hello !
I'm a student working for a project and I'm having some issues.
I am sculpting a greek statue on Zbrush. Then I switched to maya for the retopology (the statue is meant for animation, so I needed it to be lighter and to have a certain topology). I sent the modelisation back on Zbrush to project the details on a lighter object (with UVs) for substance painter. That's where I have problems. When I put the displace map (from the multimap export from Zbrush) on Substance, it's like the displace wasn't...strong enough ??

Here is the Zbrush sculpt :

Here is the result in substance with the displace map on:

What I did :
I made two different topology on maya (one heavier than the other) because I have a tendency to make low poly objects.Hoping it was the lack of polygons that made the displace impossible.
BUT even with a bigger mesh, it didn't changed...
(the two different meshes ):

the result on Guerilla with the displace map on the bigger mesh :

So Here is my question :
How can I have the same level of details from Zbrush to substance ??? (and I believe that a simple map exporter will work from substance to guerilla ??)
Is my object too low in detail for the displace to work ?
am I exporting my displace map wrong ??
Here are my displace options from Zbrush :

here is a picture of my displace maps (it's the same..."itensity" for each of them). It's so flat, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong !

Thank you so much for your help ! I'm really lost, I don't know what to do !!
And Sorry for the english mistakes, I'm French !