Author Topic: How to automatically export variations?  (Read 1563 times)


Whats the best/easiest way in Designer to automatically export such variations like shown on the screen (where it should generate output bitmaps for each icon that i would prepare)?

On screen I just multiplied exapmle incons in SVG, but i will have tones of icons to generate bitmaps for, and while it would be ok-ish to do it manually once, whenever i would like to update something that would multiply the wasted hours into something really not ok.

Is the sbsrender.exe command lines only way? How would it look like for different SVG inputs? And how would it look like if i would like to control one of the middle node's (the generator i prepared) parameters? For example for icon1, parameterA=1, for icon2 parameterA=2 and so on?

Designer seems to be extremaly handy software for speeding up generation of stuff with awesome variations, but the exporting part gives me a headache. :S

Thank you in advance for any tips!

I have found a node called "multi switch" which could come handy, but for the love of internet gods i cannot find a way to make a way to export set of bitmaps for each of the variations (preferably with some name changed according to currently selected icon image). I was playing with "user_data" tag in exporter but also dont know how to use it properly, as it doesnt do anything for me, even if i set some user data names in some fields.
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If such tools arent ready yet, perhaps at least there is a way to make exporter at least somehow get a name of the input and include it in the exported bitmaps' names, so i can manually change the input before each export but at least woudlnt have to change the name/folder for each variation?

Update: Only way i found so far is to include $time in things i want to change and export automatically into bitmaps with individual names related with particular variation, and using S.Player to export with names including frame number, and setting it to 1fps. Thats pretty "gymnastic" way of achieving such crucial and basic task...