Author Topic: Substance Label Generator for Painter  (Read 2670 times)

I want to use more substances in my workflow. Normally I use spreadsheets in my texturing workflow, but in Substance Painter transparenz offen gets muddy results, especially with the projection tool. Beside that I normally use many items on the spreadsheet which makes the handling with the tool not better.

For that reason I made my first Substance Effect or tool. You can use it with the Projection tool or with your Brush (Substance Material Mode). You can define the form, color, text and border from the Label. Also changing the height, roughness and metallic attributes are possible.

"Industrial Labels - Warning, Attention and so on"

Dirt Contrast means: 0 smooth Dirt / 1 rough Dirt
Dirt Luminosity: 0 - visible / 1 - invisible
Download: Substance Effect (LABEL)

I also create a transparent mask Substance, which as it named mask the transparent part from your layer.
Usefully if you forgot to provide a mask for metallic, roughness or height. If you turn the effect on it will mask the roughness, height and metallic channel in the layer.
Download: Mask Transparent
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