Author Topic: Exported Maps look different than in SP (UE4 & 5)  (Read 480 times)

Hey everyone

i was working this model an finished texturing in SP.
After i exported it with the Unreal Engine Export Preset and put it then all together, i noticed with the first Material already, it looks much different than in SP.
The Reflection and Metallic textures seem to be eiter inverted or hightly increased.
I couln't find out what the problem is.
I already tried glossiness instead of roughness, i inverted both Maps in SP and in Unreal.
Has anyone experience with this situation and can help me?

Thanks for your support.

So i figured it out.
It seems like Unreal has imported the packed AORoughnessMetallic texture as normalmap.
In the texture Assed i had to change it from "Normalmap (DXT5....)" to "Default(DXT1/5...)".
In the Nodesettings, the Samplertype then has to be set to "Linear Color".
Not it works fine.

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