Author Topic: [Feature] Invert Opacity output for transparency Unity 2019 PBR  (Read 1446 times)

It looks like there is no option to invert the output Opacity.
I'm using, as the final destination Unity 2019 PBR.

Since in Unity is "Transparency". One (1) will be transparent and zero (0) will be not transparent
In Painter (1) is not transparent and (0) is transparent

I wish an option to invert output in this case "Opacity".

Is very annoying!
What can I do as a workaround?

WISH: I wish there is a "Transparency" option in the "Converted maps" section (Output Template)
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You can invert it prior to export, just do it at the top of your layer stack for that channel. Toggle it off when viewing in Painter and toggle on when you're going to export to invert the map.
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