Author Topic: New Enterprise Account, no Source credits  (Read 1343 times)

Hi, I have an enterprise account. It was recently renewed (changed) so that it is all through the Adobe Creative cloud.  I have the original (non-Creative Cloud) Substance source credits (800) if I login to the old account.  The new account however has zero and should have been accruing credits for the last several months (since March).  Both accounts are linked to my same corporate email address. 

Who do I contact about this? Substance? Adobe? Adobe had a general contact my Admin response. It is very confusing with the switch. 

Hi nsieversX, could you please contact the Adobe support team via your Admin console?
Unfortunately I am unable to help you at the moment.
PO @ Allegorithmic

I figured it out.  On the substance source interface you can actually click on those profiles in the drop down.  I changed it from personal profile to the company user profile and my credits showed up.   

I thought it was just saying my profile with name and the company I work for, not that those were actually clickable and there were multiple profiles. One for me, and two labeled by my company.