Author Topic: Edge Detect node not working correctly  (Read 1556 times)

I was having a huge difference between what I see on designer and what I see on the exported sbsar in Player. The problem was on the height and I was able to track it node by node to the EDGE DETECT NODE.

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I'm creating cracks by substracting this with a binary mask from my main height, the problem is that it looks like it takes the edge detect value as a plain 1 value instead of the cracks.

If I plug any other map it works correctly, if I remove the edge detect it works correctly, if I plug the cells 1 with an inverted grayscale directly it works. So the problem is obviously the Edge Detect for some reason.


I was able to fix it by using a cells 2 instead, but I'm curiouse of what's going on with the edge detect in this case. Thanks