Author Topic: What's on the substance source for substance designer?  (Read 1523 times)

Hi there. I'm thinking to buy perpetual license via Steam and for now I'll only be using Substance Designer. Even if I start to use painter later I want to make my own substances anyway. Is there anything good that I'll miss on Substance Source if I buy perpetual license?

The reason I'm buying perpetual license is Steam has regional pricing for my country. There's incredible price difference between subscribing and buying. Also I don't understand why Adobe is not regional pricing for Substance Software subscriptions even though they do it for Photoshop, illustrator and every other Adobe product.

Thanks in advance!

You can see everything on substance source without even logging in.
As you can see, there are just materials, so I don't think you miss out on much if you're not interested in them.

It can be interesting to look at the graphs for some of them for learning purposes. But a tutorial series works much better for this in my opinion, since a graph on its own can be difficult to decipher. For instance, you can't really tell why an artist did certain things just by staring at the graph.