Author Topic: I can't get Substance Painter to Launch  (Read 1805 times)


I'm very interested in trying out Substance Painter/ Designer. I've watched tutorials on what it does and how it works. I'm eager to try it out and eventually purchasing a copy. My biggest problem is my laptop is Windows 7 it can't handle the 2020 versions or higher of SP/SD. The trial online softwares do not launch, I've tried to do what I can on my end to get it capable to launch the 2019 version. Is there a number I can call to help me out? I know you have 2021 versions on Steam for purchase, Do you also sell 2019 versions? I am interested in eventually having a hard copy that can work on my laptop.

Thank you,

Hi, unfortunately we don't have any version available for Windows 7. Although if your laptop runs Win 7, I'm not sure it would meet the minimum hardware requirements?

Hi Jeremy,

My Laptop has a 64 bit processor, NVIDIA GE Force GT 750M, 16 GB RAM, Core i7.

Originally it had Windows 8, my laptop shutdown. The tech guy couldn't get it to work without installing Win 7.

I searched on Google for system requirements, figured the least I can get is the 2019 version.

Thank you for your help,