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Looking over the legalese and it's fairly clear but I had a couple questions:

Regarding termination, if I create content with Substance (i.e. "licensee content") for a project, and then terminate my subscription, I still retain rights to use that licensee content (commercially or otherwise), right? The subscription is for licensing the software and the right to work with it and the copyrighted content (i.e. materials and such) within, but the content I create is mine forever right?


Regarding the indie vs other license tiers. At exactly what moment does one upgrade from indie to the other tiers? Say I produce a project and begin selling it--firstly, I don't need a subscription for Substance at all at this point if I am no longer using the software to update/modify/produce content for the project, correct?

But assuming I maintain my subscription throughout to provide support/updates or simply work on a next project... If I make $100k in year one, I must upgrade at the beginning of year 2 and hold that license all year? If at the end of year 2, I only make $90k, can I then return to an indie license at that point for year 3?

Finally, as an individual, what exactly contributes to this $100k? The wording is not super clear on this. The logical assumption would be "any revenue derived from any work that interacts with substance software in any way", but it doesn't really say that explicitly. Does other income matter? If I have a day job, earn interest on savings, or mow my neighbors lawn for $5?

Thanks for your time! Great product :)

Some answers:

- Yes you can still use the content you downloaded/created when you had the subscription.
- You upgrade the license from indie to pro as soon as you cross the $100k threshold.
- Revenue + funding contributes to the $100k threshold

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So, what if i use painter and some source materials in a project and sell the rendered result as NFT, am i safe? The NFT could rise in value tremendously and might be sold on the secondary market several times and maybe push the 100k mark. What then? This is very theoretical at this point of course but just to be sure?

In this case I assume after you make more than $100k from your piece, you would need to switch to the pro version if you intend to create another artwork using Substance.