Author Topic: substance painter 2020 1.2 hdri problem  (Read 1119 times)

When I added HDRI outside in previous versions, there was no problem. but when I add HDRI that I used in previous versions of 2020 1.3, it gives "[ResourceImage] Failed to serialize image" error. I was using HDRs from the Hdri Heaven site in previous versions. but it causes problems in this version. I tried other HDRIs gave the same error message

I just wanted to bring this to other folks' attention: this is something that I just encountered and was tearing my hair out over. Google didn't really bring any luck, I had to search here for "serialize" and came across this, and discovered it was the exact same problem.

What is the problem that Painter is encountering that prohibits saving (a huge deal if you ask me) using certain HDRIs? This really needs looking in to, as it just doesn't make any sense and can cause huge problems if you fail to realise that your save didn't actually work.

Would you be able to share any of the HDRIs that cause an issue? It would allow me to reproduce the problem.
Geoffroy SC