Author Topic: Maps not baking correctly  (Read 1657 times)

Idk why this happens. I've done various parts with udims of this floor. Some parts bakes alright but others gets wrong.

Also i get these errors about my normal. I've redone the normal but that still pops up.

I found a solution. Apparently painter doesnt bake properly if you have way too much udims... Like each pack has 10 uvs. I imported like 8 of them.
Now if i only import one at a time it bakes perfectly.
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Nah its not painters fault. I havent noticed but if even one pack of your udims has the same material of another pack, painter will put the uvs on top of each other and so baking will be a clusterfuck.

Just create a new material for each udim and you can export them all and bake them. Yes theres going to be a lot of materials...